The world they say is a global village due to advancement of technology, with this in mind, it’s not impossible to track someone using phone number. There are several ways to track someone and using of phone number is one of them. There may be several reasons to track someone and theft can be one of those reasons. Phone theft happens on daily basis and it is almost impossible to get your phone back once it’s stolen but if you can track it you can surely get it back. This article is focused on tracking someone with phone number using GPS.

To do this is, GPS (Global Positioning System) can help you in tracking down someone using the SIM card. To track someone this way is not only possible when the SIM card is in the phone, it can still be done even when it has been removed.

How to Track Someone with Phone

There is application trackers used in cases of phone harassment, scamming calls, strange calls from an unknown individual. People who normal engage in these kind of things are scammers that wants to take money from you, a stalker, or someone who wants to have details about your business so that he can hurt your later but whatever the case maybe, it is important to know who the caller is so you can know what you need to do to ensure your safety.

Please be advised that in using any medium you choose to know a caller or phone number, do not let yourself be a victim of fraudsters. There are several websites that claim to offer services of finding a phone number or someone using his phone number. Be careful, do no release your details on any website simply because they say they can help you track down a someone, they might be fraudsters trying to scam you.

How to Track a Stolen Phone Using a Phone Number

There is way to track your stolen even though the SIM card has been removed and replaced with another SIM. What most phone thieves do is that they remove the SIM card from the phone so you would not be able to call the phone. However, regardless of the SIM card in the phone you can track it using the SIM’s validation and encoding capability. Below are steps to take to track someone by using the SIM card number.

Call Your Network Provider

This is the first thing to do when tracking someone using phone number is to call your network service provider. Network service provider do not store call logs for security purposes only. Your network service provider should be able to track the last known location of your phone. They can be able to tell you the state, city or area the phone is located, however in most cases for them to do so you will have to authenticate your story.

The next thing for you to do is look for your phone’s international mobile equipment identity, IMEI. This is usually contained in the box that comes with your phone. This IMEI is a unique number to your phone and it’s given by GSM network. With the help of the IMEI, your network service provider can be able to locate your stolen or lost phone and prevent the thief from connecting to network

You will now need to contact your network service provider, give them your phone number and then request for the SIM card number that is currently connected with your IMEI and phone number, once you have the phone number you can make your inquiry and one of the ways to do so is by talking to your network service provider.

You will need to also contact your phone manufacturers; with the help of the IMEI you can get the current SIM card that is in the phone, the manufacturers can be able to trace the phone using the IMEI.
Aside tracking a stolen or lost phone, there are ways to locate or identify your caller most especially when you have been getting weird phone callers or people calling to threaten your life. Below are ways to identify or track someone using their phone number


This is an app that helps you with the identity of an unknown phone number, this app can uncover a hidden phone number.

How to use Trapcal is simple. The first thing is to download the app from Google Play Store, sign up and activate the service

When you have an incoming call from an unknown caller ID, a private caller or a blocked caller, siply decling he call by pressing the red buttn on your phone. The the call gets forwarded to TrapCall

After a little while Trapcall sends you the information of the caller.

TrapCall app have a premium and ultimate service, once you sign up for any of this services, you will be able to gain access to the name and address of the caller. For iPhone users, this application provides you with Live Caller ID and with it ou can put a name and a face to an unknown caller or private caller. With this Live Caller ID you can save a contan on your phone with the information provided for you by TrapCall


This is an application that you can use to identify callers, truecaller is an app that enable you track or identify your caller using the phone number. With this app, you can block calls, spam SMS.

How Truecaller works

The first step is to download t from Google Play Store or iOS store, sign up and activate it. Once you get a caller, the Truecaller apps identifies your callers so even if it’s a strange number with this app you can tell who your caller or who messaged you.

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