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Infinix S5 Price in Nigeria

Infinix S5

Infinix S5 smartphone comes with unique designs when compared to other Infinix phones, Infinix Mobility has always embraced technological advancements so as to bring amazing and exciting smartphone to phone users all around the world. This device houses lots of amazing features from its designs, displays to its processors. When compared to the Infinix S4, this smartphone shows an incredible improvement in lots of areas that will be discussed shortly.

This is not the first time Infinix Mobility is releasing a smartphone that outshines the previous version by far, as a matter of fact, they do it it all the time. The Infinix S series has been from one grade to another and each new one is constantly more sophisticated with better features and abilities than their previous version. In this article we will be discussing the price of this smartphone, where you can purchase it and the features and specifications of the Infinix S5, this is so important because if you are considering purchasing this device which is a good smartphone, then you need to take out some time and go through this article, you will learn all you need to know about the S5 and how well you can use it to its to its full capacity.

Infinix S5

Infinix S5 Price in Nigeria

Infinix S5 price in Nigeria ranges from 53,000 to 63,000 naira. This smartphone comes in two models; the one which is sold for 53,000 naira has in internal storage capacity of 64GB while the one which is sold for 63,000 naira has an internal storage capacity of 128GB. The reason why their prices are not the same is simply because phone users love smartphones that have large storage capacity than the ones with smaller storage capacity. This price however is not a fixed price, it may change due to other factors however, and this is the official price of this smartphone.

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Where to buy Infinix S5

The smartphone is available in phone stores across Nigeria, irrespective of the city you live you can walk into any phone store and ask for the this smartphone, its already available. The best places we strongly recommend is online stores such as Jumia and Konga. The reason why purchasing this smartphone from online stores is best is because it saves time, stress and you are provided with several options you to choose from. There are several phone stores that put up their items in theses online stores, so there are several Infinix S5 smartphone at different prices you can easily choose from. Instead of going through traffic and the bustle of this city, you can place your order in the confines of your office of bedroom and this smartphone will be delivered to your doorstep within few days.
Payment method is safe and easy. You can choose to pay as soon as your order is complete or you can make your payment when the item is delivered to you. This is called payment on delivery. Whichever one you choose its fine.

Display & Design

The design of this smartphone is completely different from the normal Infinix designs, there is so much to say about this smartphone and how different it is from the previous version. The Infinix S5 comes with a fresh design that features a plastic build, with a fingerprint scanner. On the rear of this smartphone there is a camera module with a LED flash. The design of the smartphone goes a long way to show how Infinix Mobility is going a long way to keep abreast of trends and incorporating it into their designs.
At the front to this smartphone, there is a 6.6 inch hole-punch IPS LCD display with a screen resolution of 720 x 1600 together with a screen density of 266 PPI. The bezel at the top of this smartphone has been reduced but it can still be seen below the display. The Infinix S5 comes in different colors such as Violet, Quetzel Cyan and Nebula Black. Whichever one you prefer you can purchase.

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The camera quality of the S5 is amazing, this is one of the good things about Infinix phones because when you consider how much it goes for its nothing compared to the quality of camera you get and the truth is no one wants to use a smartphone that does not have good camera quality. Infinix S5 features a quad-camera system on the rear. There are three cameras on the rear of this device, the primary camera has 16MP with an aperture of f/1.8, and then there is 5MP ultra-wide camera and a 2MP depth senor camera with a QVGA macro lens. With the way the cameras at the back of this smartphone is setup you will be able to take photos in HDR, Panorama mode, shoot 1080p videos with frame rates at 30fps and lots more.

At the front of this smartphone, there is a 32MP selfies camera. The quality of this selfie camera is amazing. Although there is no LED flash for the front camera unlike other versions but still the picture and video quality is superb.

Hardware & Software

With the hardware and software of this device, its no doubt a high-end smartphone. The setup of the hardware describes this smartphone as indeed a higher version of the S4. Infinix S5 features an Octa-core Mediatek MT6761 Helio P22 processor clocked at 2.0 GHz. Like I mentioned above, it comes in two modules, there is the 4GB RAM with 64GB internal storage capacity and 4GB with 128GB internal storage capacity. Both can be expanded using a memory card up to 256GB.

This smartphone runs on Android 9.0 Pie operating system with Infinix XOS 5.0. This operating system is really cool and most found in high-end smartphones.

The Infinix S5 features a non-removable 4000mAh Li-Po battery. Unlike the previous version, it does not support a fast charge system. The battery of this smartphone is very important and it should be fully charged before it is used for the first time.

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This device features 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band WIFI, a Micro -USB port (USB 2.0), is supports 4G connectivity.

It is very obvious that there is a huge different between the S5 and the S4. Although there are both in the Infinix S series but the upgrade is well appreciated. If you are thinking of purchasing this device, I think you should go ahead because it’s really an amazing device with lots of amazing features. Infinix S5 is one of the most loved smartphones, its sleek, it doesn’t weigh as heavy as other versions so it’s unique all way round.



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