iPhone X was a device marking the 10 anniversary of Apple smartphones, it was released together with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The iPhone X which can also be called 10 comes with amazing features, even though this device and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were all unveiled together, their features are not the same, the iPhone X is indeed an upgrade and it comes with better specifications which will be discussed in details shortly.

This device is also one of the high-end iPhones, its features and specifications make it so clear. It is also always better to get all the information about a device you intend to buy or that you already have so you better understand its features and how well you can use. There are several features of this device that makes it amazing; the iPhone X is really a special smartphone since the release of it makes 10 years since the release of the first mobile phone for the company. The announcement came at Apple’s brand new campus in Cupertino, California.

iPhone X

Even though the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were unveiled the same day, the 10 anniversary phone which Apple CEO Tim Cook presented separately, is the iPhone X. This device comes with glass on the front and the back, however, many of its new features have already been seen on other smartphones such as Samsung and others but Apple will definitely add their touch to it. Why Apple devices are often time special is they may not be the first with some of the features their devices come with but it is how they are integrated with the software, this is the Apple’s touch and it’s what makes the difference.

Before we go into the features of this device let’s take a look at its price and where to buy iPhone X from. This will help you know exactly what to expect and how to get this device in an affordable rate rather than going with assumptions.

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iPhone X Price in Nigeria

iPhone X price in Nigeria ranges from 240,000 – 500,000 naira depending on your location but aside your location this device comes in different variants and their prices are not all the same. iPhone X come in 64GB and 256GB variants. This in-built space are the price determining factor, the cheapest is the 64GB in-built variant while the most expensive ones are the ones with 256GB in-built space variants. These are the things to note when purchasing this device.

Where to buy iPhone X

This smartphone is available in phone stores across the country, irrespective of your city, state or area; you can walk into any of the phone store near you. The device was released in November 2017 and since then it’s been available in phone stores. You can also purchase the iPhone x from any of the online stores like Konga or Jumia.

They are available, online purchase is the best way to purchase your device because its save you the stress of looking for the particle variant you and also the stress of going through traffic. In the confines of your bedroom or office you can place your order and have this smartphone delivered to you within few days time.


iPhone X comes with OLED display instead of the LCD display, this means that the device will have more power efficient display because they are removing the backlight that comes with the LCD display which of course is a battery drainer. With the new OLED display more colors will be produced, this can also be called the ‘Super Retina Display’. iPhone X features a screen resolution of 2438 x 1125 pixels with pixel density of 460 PPI. The new OLED feature makes the screen display so amazing, it’s nothing compared to the previous versions of iPhones.


iPhone X is the first iPhone to ditch the home button together with its finger print scanner in favor of fluid gesture controls. The manufacturer of this device decided to introduce facial recognition software from the Israeli facial recognition company RealFace. iPhone X recognizes your facial features which is now another way to unlock your device. This device comes with two colors, Space Grey and Silver.

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The cameras of this device are amazing, on the back of the device are two cameras both are 12MP cameras one is a wide-angle lens while the other is telephoto lens. Both cameras comes with the Optical Image Stabilization OIS, the sensor of these cameras are faster and larger than any ones seen on iPhones.

The front facing camera comes with a 7MP camera. This camera comes with several features for selfies, its the best when compared to the previous iPhones. This front facing camera also works for 3D tracking.


iPhone X operating system run on iOS 11 and its upgradeable to 14.4. The update of this operating system comes with a slew of augmented reality apps and this could change the way you use this device. The Random Access Memory RAM of this device 3GB RAM but its in-built storage comes in different variants. Like earlier mentioned, there are 64GB and 125GB variants, they all have the same 3GB RAM.


iPhone x features the latest A11 bionic chip, this is a more powerful chipset than the ones found in the previous versions. The hexa-core processor of this device runs the latest 3D games effortlessly and it gives augmented reality.

The device is equipped with a 2716 mAh Li-Ion non-removable battery. This battery lasts two hours longer than the previous version and it supports fast and wireless charging.
Apple introduced wireless charging with the iPhone X. However, the plug-in chargers are still an option.

iPhone X main Specifications and Features

5.8 inch Super Retina OLED Display with screen resolution of 2438 x 1125 Pixels, (460 PPI)
Back Cameras – Dual 12 Mega Pixels
Front Camera – 7 Mega Pixel
Operating System – iOS 14.1 Upgradeable to 14.4
3GB Random Access Memory, RAM
64GB / 126GB in-built storage
2716 mAh non-removable battery. Charging fast (20W), Qi Wireless charging (15W)
Apple A11 Bionic (5nm)

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