Constant power supply is very important especially for hospitals, banks and other organization, because of this; power inverters and battery are needed especially in Nigeria where there is constant power failure. These power inverters are mostly preferred to power generators when it comes to supplying backup or standby power during power outage due to the fact they do not generate noise.

However, power inverters are not as popular as electric generators when it comes to backup power application because they are more expensive. Notwithstanding, power inverters may be expensive but they are far better than generators because of the peace and quiet you get when they are on.

In recent times, power inverters are becoming less expensive as they used to, although the same can’t be said for inverter batteries but we new companies coming up every day, we believe the price will soon be going down due to competition.

In this article, we have put together top brands of power inverter and battery prices in Nigeria. Some of the top brands are Prag, Bluegate, Sukam Inverters, Mercury, and Tripp Lite.


Inverter Prices in Nigeria

We have put together a list of various inverter brands in Nigeria, the inverter prices listed below doesn’t include cost of battery and installation. This is a guide on the prices of Inverter Battery and cost of inverter installation.

Prag Inverter Prices

Prag 10 KVA / 180V – 503,700 Naira

Prag 7.5 KVA / 120V – 449,200 Naira

Prag 6KVA / 48V (Pro Edition) – 838,500 Naira

Prag 5 KVA / 96V – 319,700 Naira

Prag 4 KVA / 24V – 288,000 Naira

Prag 3.5KVA / 48V – 197,700 Naira

Prag 3 KVA / 24V (Pro Edition) – 487,000 Naira

Prag 3 KVA / 24V – 155,300 Naira

Prag 1.5 KVA /24V (Solar) – 123,400 Naira

Prag 1.5 KVA / 24V – 96,200 Naira

Prag 1.45KVA / 24V – 83,100 Naira

Prag 1.2KVA / 12V – 76,600 Naira

Prag 1KVA / 12V – 69,500 Naira

Bluegate Inverter Prices

Bluegate 10KVA / 192V – 494,000 Naira

Bluegate 5.5KVA / 24V (Rack Mount) – 207,000 Naira

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Bluegate 3.5KVA / 24V (Rack Mount) – 155,000 Naira

Bluegate 2KVA / 24V – 66,000 Naira

Bluegate 1KVA / 12V – 60,000 Naira

Sukam Inverter Prices

Sukam 50KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 5,640,500 Naira

Sukam 40KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 3,438,000 Naira

Sukam 30KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 2,633,000 Naira

Sukam 25KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 2,173,500 Naira

Sukam 20KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 1,713,000 Naira

Sukam 15KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 1,438,000 Naira

Sukam 10KVA / 180V – 661,500 Naira

Sukam 7.5KVA / 120V – 540,000 Naira

Sukam 5.0KVA / 96V – 415,000 Naira

Sukam 3.5KVA / 48V – 240,000 Naira

Sukam 2.5VA / 48V – 200,000 Naira

Sukam 1.6KVA / 24V – 96,500 Naira

Sukam 900VA / 12V – 52,500 NGN

Mercury Inverter Prices

Mercury 3KVA / 24V – 209,000 Naira

Mercury 7.5KVA / 120V – 370,000 Naira

Mercury 5KVA / 48V – 280,000 Naira

Mercury 3KVA / 24V – 209,000 Naira

Mercury 2.4KVA / 24V (Modified Sine Wave) – 42,000 Naira

Mercury 1.2KVA / 12V (Modified Sine Wave) – 35,000 NGN

Tripp Lite Inverter Prices

Tripp Lite 2.5KVA / 24V – 199,000 Naira

Tripp Lite 2KW / 12V – 150,000 Naira

Tripp Lite 1.2KW / 12V – 173,000 NGN

PSC Solar Xantra Inverter Prices

PSC Solar Xantra 10KVA / 96V – 675,000 NGN

PSC Solar Xantra 6KVA / 48V – 455,500 Naira

PSC Solar Xantra 3.5KVA / 48V – 289,900 NGN

PSC Solar Xantra 2.5KVA / 24V – 214,900 Naira

PSC Solar Xantra 1.5KVA / 24V (Online Inverter) – 99,500 Naira

PSC Solar Xantra 1.5 KVA / 12V – 97,500 NGN

MPower Inverter Prices

MPower 3KVA / 24V – 188,000 Naira

MPower 1.2KVA / 12V – 46,000 Naira

MPower 800 VA / 12V – 57,500 NGN

Luminous Inverter Prices

MPower 1.5KVA / 24V (Solar Hybrid) – 90,000 Naira

MPower 850VA / 12V (Solar Hybrid) – 64,000 NGN

MPower 1050VA / 12V (ECO VOLT) – 81,500 NGN

MPower 1.5KVA / 24V (Intelligent Inverter ) – 85,000 NGN

MPower 10KVA / 180V – 720,000 NGN

MPower 7.5KVA / 120V – 600,000 NGN

MPower 5.5KVA / 96V – 427,800 NGN

MPower 3.5KVA / 48V – 205,100 NGN

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MPower 2.5KVA / 48V – 152,400 NGN

MPower 1.5KVA / 24V – 79,700 NGN

Famicare Inverter Prices

Famicare 5.5KVA / 24V – 178,000 Naira

Famicare 10KVA / 48V – 361,000 Naira

Famicare 3.5 KVA / 24V – 192,000 Naira

Famicare 2.5KVA / 24V – 90,250 Naira

Farmicare 1 KVA / 12V – 35,000 NGN

Inverter Battery Price in Nigeria

There are three main categories of inverter battery offering 12V, these are 100 AH, 150 AH and 200 AH, for better experience, 200AH is mostly recommended.

Inverter Battery Prices

2V / 1500 Ah – 270,000 Naira to 350,000 Naira

2V / 750 Ah – 155,000 NGN to 200,000 Naira

2V / 600 Ah – 94,000 NGN to 150,000 Naira

2V / 500 Ah – 90,000 NGN to 150,000 Naira

12V / 200Ah (Recommended) – 104,000 NGN to 300,000 Naira

12V / 150Ah – 99,000 Naira to 300,000 NGN

12V / 100Ah – 52,500 Naira to 220,000 NGN

Cost of Inverter Installation

The cost of installing inverter vary, this is because the way to install it depends on the level of work required. Installing inverter to operate in parallel to your main supply, for instance UPS or AVR, it costs 10,000 Naira. This is the best way to connect inverters of 1KVA and below.

However, if you would like the inverter to share main cabling through switchover like power generator, the installation will be more expensive

For inverters of 1.5KVA, switchover is best recommended and installing power inverter can range from 15,000 Naira to over 30,000 Naira depending on the level of work it is intended for.

For wall mounted inverter installation, the price is 15,000 Naira

Benefits of a Power Inverter

No Noise

This is one of the benefits of using inverters, power inverters have silent operations unlike what we have with generators. The only noise you barely hear from a power inverter is the fan and clicking of relays. This is best for homes, hospitals, banks etc.

No Petrol or Diesel

This is another important benefit of power inverter; it doesn’t require petrol or diesel to run. So when there is fuel scarcity and hike in fuel price this would not affect you and this also eliminates the risks that comes with fuel and improper storage which causes fire.

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Power inverter runs silently and you do not need to be visiting filling stations, and they are sound-free. All it requires is for you to charge the battery.

No Substance Emission

Power inverters do not emit Carbon IV Oxide because they do not use petrol or diesel and so they don’t have internal combustion engine. Therefore, they can be in a room or at a corning in your apartment.

Lower Running Cost

The cost of running a power inverter is cheaper than powering generator because inverters require no petrol or diesel, all you need to do is charge it when there is power supply.

At the long run, power inverter is cheaper than generators because of the recurrent cost of powering generator. If you spend 2500 naira weekly for fuel for your generator, in three years it will be a total of 390,000 naira and adding maintenance it makes it to be over 400,000 naira so at the long run, power inverters are cheaper than generators

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Power inverters can be connected in a way that once there’s power outage, the inverter automatically takes over. You do not have to do anything, this is automatic and instantaneous. This process can switch back when the city power is restored. In some of these power inverters, UPS are in-built to provide faster response time.

With these kind of inverters, you can use them in hospitals, banks and place where you need 24/7 uninterrupted power supply.

Application of Power Inverters

Power inverters can be used in various organizations, homes, offices. See list below





Medical equipment in hospitals and clinics


Telecommunications equipment (Masts), etc

Power inverters can provide power range from 800KAV to 1000KVA

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