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Samsung Galaxy A01 Core Price in Nigeria


Samsung Galaxy A01 Core is one of the low-end smartphones, yet irrespective of its price, it is one of the best phones there is, its features are amazing. Samsung has a way of making their customers happy by providing them with devices that are user friendly with great features and design.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core is a lesser version of the Galaxy A01. Although the difference is not that much but features are a little bit different from the previous version. The fact is Samsung knows how to make sophisticated devices so irrespective of the phone you want to use you are still going to enjoy it. The processor, storage capacity and camera set up of the Samsung Galaxy A01 is better when compared to that of the Galaxy A01 Core. Although this does not take anything away from the fact the Galaxy A01 Core is a very nice smartphone but as far as their names are concerned, their abilities are not the same and that also part of the reason why the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core is cheaper the A01.

This is not the first time Samsung is making two phones with almost the same names with little or no changes as regards their features and designs and specification, in fact they are known to for this, and there are several examples to give. If you are considering whether you want to buy this phone my advice is you should go ahead, it’s a nice smartphone, easy to use and its features from the camera set up to the processor suits the device. If you want to know more about this device, just go through this article.

Display & Design

There is no doubt that the A01 is a higher version of the A01 Core, so as a low-end smartphone, its designs are not very surprising. The Galaxy A01 Core comes with a plastic rear panel together with a plastic frame. It features a 5.3 inch IPS LCD display which is completely different from the previous version, the Galaxy A01. The Galaxy A01 Core comes with a Pixels resolution of 720 x 1480 and a screen density of 301 PPI. The display of the device is surrounded by chunky bezels both on the top and the bottom.

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The Samsung Galaxy A01 Core like most Samsung phones has its camera at the back with an LED flash. Irrespective if the fact that this device is lower than the previous version which is the galaxy A01, the design of the A01 Core is very commendable, its subtle design makes its user friendly and its features even though lesser than the A01 is still nice.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core Price in Nigeria & Availability

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core price in Nigeria is 37,000 naira. To purchase this device is not difficult at all, you can do it in the confines of your bedroom, sitting room or even of the go and within few days it will be delivered to your door step. All you need is internet connection so there is no need going through serious traffic just to purchase the phone. It’s that easy, fast and reliable.


The camera set up of the A01 Core is very basic, the fact remains that its a low-end device, and the things to expect should be much. The Samsung Galaxy A01 Core is built to handle basic photography and video task. It has a single camera which is located at the back of the device and a front facing camera for selfie. The back camera comes with 8MP and an aperture of f/2.2, this camera is able to shoot videos capped at 1080p@30fps. This is very different from the Galaxy A01 that has a much bigger Mega Pixel. As for the front camera, designed for Selfie, it comes with a 5MP with an aperture of f/2.4. This front facing camera is not also designed for just pictures, it can also be used to shoot videos but with a lesser resolution.

Hardware & Software

This smartphone is designed for non-power intensive task when you consider both the hardware and the software of this device. This is why its important to know all about a device before using it, so you do not over use or under use it. There are lots of people with smartphones that are under using or over using because they do not know the feature component of the device so they misuse it. The way smartphones are used determined how well it will last, all smartphones are designed the same way, so it will be very wrong to assume that they are and use them the same way. When you do the ones built for non-power intensive task will breakdown because they were not built to handle thing that are more than their capacity.

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The Samsung Galaxy A01 Core comes with a Mediatek MT6739WW processor and features a PowerVR GE8100 while the previous version, the Galaxy A01 comes with a Snapdragon 439 processor, a much higher processor. The memory of the Galaxy A01 Core comes in two variant. Its comes with an in-built storage capacity of 1GB RAM / 16GB variant and the other is the 2GB RAM / 32GB.

The A01 Core comes with a 3000mAh Li-Ion battery. Battery is an essential part of a device so it’s important that after purchasing this device, the battery must be charged full to 100% before it can be used. Failure to do this will weaken the battery and give a short life span. To enjoy your smartphone battery, they way it’s charged the first time it’s very important to how well it will last.

The operating system of the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core is the Android Go. This operating system reduces potential lags with the aim of providing lightest apps. For non-power intensive tasks devices, this is the one of the best operating system.


The Samsung A01 Core features a micro-USB port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, WIFI and Bluetooth 5.0. The A01 Core runs ion 4G. The connectivity of this device is lower when compared to the A01. However, looking like other smartphone there is no much difference. Its fast, reliable and easy to use.



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