Samsung Galaxy A50 is one of the A series are one of the series of Samsung phones that are very successful.

The mobile phone giant always have a way of blowing the minds of their customers with amazing and sophisticated devices. From taps to phones, Samsung has one of the best products in the market and with the way this phone company is going, the future is even brighter.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has been released into the market and as the custom of this phone company; it’s a very good device with amazing features they users will enjoy. There are several A series that are already in the market, but there is something unique about the Galaxy A50. Aside the fact that Samsung are already known to have a particular pattern of branding their phones, there is always some spectacularly unique about each and every phone by this phone company.
Before you make your decision and rushing to any phone shop near you to purchase this device, it’s important that you gather all the information you can about this phone, its features, connectivity, software and hardware so you can better understand how well to use and interact with the device for optimum use. This is a common mistakes most phone users make, they fail to learn about their phone before or even after they have purchased it so they basically know nothing about the device other than using it for all WhatsApp and social media but there is always more, you can know about your device and all there is to know about this device well be discussing shortly.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Price in Nigeria

This device comes in two models, there is the 6GB RAM with an internal storage of 128GB, Samsung Galaxy A50 price in Nigeria is 98,000 naira and there is 4GB RAM with an internal storage of 32GB, the price for this model is 91,000 naira. This phone also has model that supports only one sim and another that supports two sims and they can come in any storage capacity. Although these phones are the same but different storage model, their prices are different for the fact that their storage capacity is not the same.

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There are several phone shops where you can purchase this device, they are already available, you can also purchase it online, this is very stress free, and you can select whichever one you want. The prices of this device is not fixed, so different phone shops sell at different prices, however the price given in this website is the official price.

Online shops where you can buy this device is Jumia, to place your order is very easy, you can choose to pay online as you make your order or you can choose to pay on delivery. The good thing about online shopping is that it’s very convenient, you do not have to stress yourself going through traffic, where ever you are, whether in your office, living room, you purchase this device with ease.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with amazing features from its display and design to other areas of the device; let’s talk about the display and design for a second;

This phone is about 6.4-inch with an Infinity-U Super AMOLED display, it has a screen resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels and boasts of a fingerprint sensor. The device comes in different colors such as Blue, Coral, Black and White color, it has a plastic back and its display is in glass. This is a very sleek phone, it feels very smooth to touch and the display is so beautiful. For lovers of Samsung phones, this is an amazing device.

Software and Hardware

Like I mentioned earlier, this phone comes in two different models, although it’s the same phone but their memory and storage capacity is different. The 6GB RAM with an internal storage capacity of 128GB is bigger than the 4GB RAM with internal storage capacity of 32GB model. Each of these models can be expanded up to 512GB with a memory card so you are not limited to the in-built capacity the phone comes with. It’s also very important to note that their performance as regards to their storage capacity is not the same. For the one with the 6GB RAM and 128GB in-built storage capacity, it’s faster and can accommodate more files and apps than the one with 4GB and 32GB in-built storage capacity.

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The Samsung Galaxy A50 runs on Exynos 9610 Octa Soc, this is a good one for this device. It’s easy to use and navigations are not as easy as they come.


The speed of this phone depends on the level of connectivity and as far this is concerned the phone is fast with amazing features. The Galaxy A50 supports 4G LTE, it does not support 5G. It features Bluetooth, supports Wi-Fi hotspots, dual-band Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, USB a Type-C port and a 3.5mm jack. Streaming and uploading of videos are extremely fast the same for downloads.


This is one of the best parts of this device; the camera is very clear so picture lovers will have a wonderful time snapping and making videos with this device. At the back of this phone, there are three cameras lined up in a rectangular box, the primary camera features a 25MP main shooter, there is also 8MP ultra wide camera and then the 5MP depth sensor camera. All these cameras make the picture quality of this phone to be very clear and fine. It also has a front facing camera for selfies. The front camera features a 25MO with an aperture f/2.0. It can also be sued to make lovely videos, the quality is so good.


The battery life of a phone is very important, especially in Nigeria where light is mostly an issue, one important key to ensure the battery life of your device is secured is to charged it till its full before use. The Samsung Galaxy A50 features a 4000mAh Li-Ion battery. It comes with a fast charging technology, so you do not need so much time to charge before it’s full. The battery life of a phone determines how well you can use that device. To ensure you enjoy this device, charge it well before.

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