It’s no news that Samsung produces some of the best phone in the world and the Samsung Galaxy A80 is one of them. This mobile phone company has several success stories because their phones are packed with amazing features. They are one of the leading mobile phone companies in the world.

This is not the first and won’t be the last time Samsung impresses its customers with exciting features; this is because they are extremely creative and innovative when it comes to making of phone and tabs. The Samsung Galaxy A80 is really a very sophisticated device with exciting features. It is good to take out some time to know about the phone you are will be using soon if you have intentions of purchasing this device. On this article we will be discussing where to buy the Samsung Galaxy A80, its features and specifications. This will help have a better understanding, how well to use the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Price in Nigeria and Availability

Samsung Galaxy A80 price in Nigeria ranges from 210,000 – 220,000 naira. The reason is because different retailers buy at different prices and so they sell at different prices depending on your location. The phone is expensive when compared to other phones in the A series but its features and specifications are worth it. Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy A80 is not difficult to find, there are several phone shops in your area or city, you can simply walk into any of them and ask for this phone. One place we recommend is online. You can purchase this device online; the process is very easy and reliable. There is no need going through the stress of finding a phone shop in your area or city. Online shopping can be done anywhere, all you need is internet connection and you are good to go.

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The price of this phone differs from shop to shop but it falls within the range mentioned above. To purchase the phone online you can either pay as soon as your order is placed or you can pay at deliver. Once you order is placed with few days the phone will be delivered to your doorstep, if you choose to pay on delivery as the phone is delivered to you there and then you will be required to make your payment.

The display and designs of this phone is very cool, this phone size is 6.7-inch with an AMOLED Infinity display, it features a 1080 x 2400 screen resolution. One interesting thing about this device is that it comes in different colors, its available in angel gold, ghost white and phantom black colors. The Galaxy A80 features an on-screen fingerprint sensor for unlocking and locking the phone. This is device is so amazing, its one of the top A series Samsung phones, its sleek, light and easy to carry about.


The Samsung Galaxy A80 has a rotating camera that is made possible by its motorized popup and rotating feature. This is one of the unique that have this exciting feature; this rotating camera is placed at the back of the device. It works in such an extraordinary way. The main camera is located at the back of this phone, the front facing camera pops up when you want to make use of it.

The back camera features a 48MP wide angle camera together with an 8MP ultra wide angle camera and a 3D depth camera as well. The picture quality of this phone is superb, very clear and cool. No one love to phones that have low picture and video quality, and this is one fact that mobile phone manufacturers are aware of, with this Galaxy A80, the camera features include live focus, slow motion, night mode, hyper-lapse, quick measure, Panorama mode and Scene optimizer. Phones that have all of the features for just camera are not very common, so this is a phone that all phone lovers should have and enjoy. No more poor picture and video quality, when you are going for that vacation and you are with a phone like that no worries as far as picture and videos are concerned.

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As far as performance are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy A80 will blow your mind, its indeed a sophisticated device, it features Samsung OneUI OS on Android 9 Pie, it runs on Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon processor, it’s one of those high tech mobile phones with amazing features and navigations. Its super fast and this can be credited to the 8GB RAM and the internal storage capacity of 128GB. One thing about this device is that it does not have a space for a memory card, so the internal memory cannot be expanded unlike other Samsung phones where its internal memory can be expanded to even 1 TB but not with the Galaxy A80. The in-built memory of 128GB is enough and it doesn’t reduce the capabilities of the phone in terms of speed, and other things. This phone is one of the top Samsung phones as far as performance is concerned. It comes in 4G LTE, streaming, uploading and downloads are fast, as a matter of fact you can download anything from the internet with this mobile phone in a matter of seconds. Phone with this abilities are high intensive task devices, so whether you are watching videos online or uploading, downloading with this Samsung phone all of these things are done with ease, very effortlessly.


The battery of this device is good, it comes with a 3700mAh battery, although they have had better and stronger battery than this in some of their previous version but this is a cool battery that is best for this device. It has a fast charging feature so you can fully charge the phone in just few minutes. This is good news for phone users who do not have patience to fully charge their device. The good thing about this is that as long as it’s fully charged consistently, this can preserve the life span of the device. Phones that are not fully charged before use, have lower battery life span and performance, this is the reason why its highly recommended that before you start using you newly purchased phone that you take out the time and charge it fully before use. As far as this phone is concerned, it can be fully or completely charged within 1 hour 20 minutes.
Like I early said, where to buy the Samsung Galaxy A80 are any phone shop near you or you can simply log on to online shopping website and place your order, it will be delivered to your doorstep without any stress.

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