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Samsung Galaxy M01 Price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy M01

Samsung phones are known to be sophisticated and high tech phones, the Samsung Galaxy M01 is made in a special and unique way, this is one of the reasons the mobile phone giant has dominated the world and this time they have decided to make a very simple phone although better when compared to other phones in the same category from different manufacturing companies. This Samsung phone is built in such a way to handle your basic phone needs.

This is a very simple device that comes with extraordinary features, even though its cheap when compared to other Samsung phones, the abilities, features and performance is a different story, if you are considering purchasing this device I would advise that you take out few minutes and go through this article so you can have all the necessary knowledge of how to better use this phone, its features and specifications. This is one major issue phone users have, most phone users never took out the time to learn all the things their phones can do, with its built for, so because of this lack of knowledge, they under or over use their phones. First of all, let’s talk about the price of this phone and where you can purchase it.

Samsung Galaxy M01 Price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy M01 price in Nigeria is about 47,500 naira, although some retail shops could sell at lesser or higher price, this depends on where and how they bought the phone. There are several reasons why phone prices in Nigeria are not the same everywhere, some phone shops sell higher than others, and this is because they all do not but from the same place and everyone is in the business to make money. However, the price of this phone is we have given is the official price of this phone from the company and an official dealer is not suppose to outrageously increase the price.

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Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy M01 is not difficult, there are several phone shops scatters in different cities and state around the country, you can simply walk into any of them and ask for this phone, in addition to that, we also recommend that you check online shops such as Jumia. Shopping online saves stress and time, there are several benefits of shopping online, and you are opened to several options to choose from with different price range. Instead of going through the traffic and stress why not log to any of these online shop, place your order and in few days it will be delivered to you. There two ways you to make payment when shopping online, you can either pay online as soon as your order is complete or you can pay on delivery, whichever one you are comfortable with but the process is fast, convenient and reliable.

Display and Design

This is a simple phone like I earlier said, so the features are basic, like what you can expect from a phone in this category in regards to its price should not be much, because as a low budget phone you cannot compare it to other high-end Samsung phones that are more expensive. However this does not in any way mean that this phone is the same with phones made by other mobile phone companies, the difference is the brand, Samsung so even though it’s a low-end device its features are still amazing and exciting considering its price. The Galaxy M01 features a 5.7 inch PLS TFY display; it comes with a screen resolution of 720 x 1520 Pixel, its display is surrounded with chunky bezels. One sure thing that will never go unnoticed is the teardrop notch located on top of the phone where the front camera is placed.

There is a camera module located at the back of the phone where you can find the Samsung branding and a speaker outlet and also the rear dual Cameras with its camera flash. This device comes with a plastic back and it’s available in different colors such as Black, Blue and Red. For those who love colors other than black or white, you can choose any of these colors. The display of this phone is very cool, Samsung phones are known to be cool phones and this one is no different.

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Camera Setup

At the back of this phone, there are two cameras with LED flash. The primary camera is a 13MP with an aperture of f/2.2 and a 2MP depth camera that has an aperture of f/2.4. These cameras have amazing picture and video quality. Its set up can shoot videos max at 1080p 30fps. The video and picture quality of Samsung phones are amazing and this phone is not different, you can take amazing pictures and make exciting videos with this device. The front facing camera features a 5MP camera with an aperture of f/2.2. However there is not LED flash when compared to that camera at the back but the picture and video quality of the font camera is is still very cool.


This is a very essential part of a phone, the level of connectivity depends on the features the phone has. The Samsung Galaxy M01 internet connectivity is 4G LTE, it does not support 5G internet speed, this is not bad considering other level of connectivity this phone comes with. The Galaxy M01 features a 3.5mm headjack, Bluetooth 4.2, WIFI and a Micro USB port. As far as connectivity is concerned this is a good phone, streaming, downloading and uploading videos and pictures are super fast.

Hardware and Software

Like I have earlier mentioned, this is a low-budget phone so there is a limit to what is expected as regards its hardware and software. The Samsung Galaxy M01 runs on Android 10 Operating System with One UI 2, the device features a Qualcomm Snapdragon with an Adreno 505 graphics processing unit. It comes with a non-removable 4000mAh battery is very good for the device.

The phone has an internal storage capacity of 32GB and 3GB RAM, there is a space for memory card so the internal memory can actually be expanded and this depends of the size of the SDcard or memory card that you purchase. This device is available in phone shops all around the country; you can simply place your order online, it’s very easy convenient and reliable. No need going through traffic, you can choose to pay immediately or pay on delivery, and once your order is placed within few days it will be delivered to you.

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