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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Price in Nigeria


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is made by Samsung, They are known to be one of the best manufacturer of mobile phones and they are not slowing down for anyone least of all their rivals, after the rolling out of Note 10 which was a huge success, at the time the was a sort after one, after a little while, Samsung released another amazing one, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.


Everyone agrees that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the biggest phones in the block, the features are amazing, easy to customize whatever way you like, as if we had not has enough, Samsung decided to blow the minds of phone lovers by releasing the amazing phone gadget, Galaxy Note 20. This is a phone with features that will blow your mind, just as you would expect, Samsung never releases a phone that will not make you want to change the one you currently have.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is one of the best phone there is and it not too expensive when compared to its features and what can be done with the phone, if you want to know about the Galaxy Note 20, then you are in the right place because on this article, you will learn all there is about the phone, its specifications reviews and how to to turn this from not just a phone but a device in your hand.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is very nice, Samsung are known to produce sleek phone and the Galaxy Note 20 although similar to the Note 20 Ultra but a bit smaller and sleeker. The screen comes in 6.7-inch AMONLED display which is completely different from the Note 20 Ultra. Samsung in their way of dazzling their customers made the Note 20 screen resolution of 1080 x2400. With an obvious camera at the back of the phone it has a 60Hz refresh rate.

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When compared to Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 that has 120Hz refresh rate, the 60Hz for the Note 20 is much lesser and this is the only thing that is different when compared to the previous ones. The position of the camera is somewhat different from the Note 20 Ultra that has fitted camera bump because of the periscope camera feature. Galaxy Note 20 has no camera bump at the rear and it comes with a plastic back which makes it very glossy and sleek. Samsung phones always have ways of fascinating its users because it’s designed in such a way that the features of the phone will blow your mind.

When compared to the previous release, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which weighs 208g, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is weighs much more less and this can easily be traced to the plastic back so the plastic back used for the Galaxy Note 20 doesn’t just make the phone glossy and sleek but also make its weight lesser than the Note 20 Ultra. As though that is not enough, Samsung made the Galaxy Note 20 a device that supports wireless charging, this is a feature that everyone loves because its way easier to charge than the conventional way of charging mobile devices. Gone are the days when you have to plug your device and wait for it to charge before using it. With the Note 20, you can be charging the phone without cord while surfing the internet or scrolling through social media.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 comes with a Gorilla glass 5 screen protections unlike to the Note 20 Ultra, there is always a need to have a strong protection, the Gorilla glass 5 is a strong protection for Smartphone screens and that is exactly what comes with the Samsung device. The device also has improved S-Pen. Galaxy Note 20 S-Pen is improved when compared with the previous versions that 26m latency, Note 20 Ultra has 9ms latency. The Galaxy Note 20 comes with 42ms latency which makes the inputs registration much faster than the Note 20 Ultra. The S-Pen was not the only thing that changed in this device, the position of the S-Pen also changed as well. For those that are used to seeing the S-Pen positioned on the right, with the Note 20, it was moved from the right to the left.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Price in Nigeria & Availability

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Price in Nigeria is 383,000 naira. Different shops sell at different prices coupled with the fact that we are in Nigeria and retailers are looking to make gain


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 camera setup is not bad when compared to other Samsung devices, although there are some that would prefer if the camera setup could have been somewhat different but it isn’t because like Samsung phones the set up is just normal.

The camera at the back of the phone is made up of three cameras which contain a 12MP main camera with an aperture of f/1.8 another 64MP telephoto camera with an aperture of f/2.0, This gives users the 3x hybrid optical zoom. However this 3x optical zoom is lesser than the 5x optical zoom that comes with the Note 20 Ultra but the difference is not that much. The third camera at the back of the Note 20 is a 12MP ultra wide camera with a 120 and an aperture of f/2.2.

The camera set up of the Note 20 is capable of shooting videos maxed at 8K@24fps. It is designed in a way to also handle other video modes lick 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/240fps, 720p@960fps. As for the front camera which mostly used for selfie comes with 10MP with an aperture of f/2.2, it also can be sued to shoot videos at 4K@30/60fps and 1080p@30fps.


This is a very sophisticated device which is why its connectivity if a very good one. The Galaxy Note 20 comes with Bluetooth 5.1, NFC and a Dual-band WiFi. The device has a USB Type-C port for charging which can equally be used for data transfer.

5G for this device is available to users in the United State, United Kingdom and other countries that uses 5G while for countries like Australia will have the 4G only variant.

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Hardware and Software

The Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor together with Adreno 650 GPU runs the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 for customers in the United States. While users in other parts of the world will be getting a variant with the Exynos 990 process and Mali-G77 MP11 GPU.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Smartphone features 256GB built-in storage with an 8GB RAM. For users in the United States, the phone option available for them is 128GB built-n storage. Unlike the Note 20 Ultra that comes with a lesser 4500mAh battery, this Galaxy Note 20 Smartphone is equipped with a non-removable battery of 4300mAh Li-ion with an Android 10 operating system and the One UI 2.5 interface.



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